Coil Steel Spring Floor

Our Coil Steel Spring Floor is an original Spieth Anderson design using top grade springs and premier Russian birch in an overlapping configuration to eliminate soft spots. Coil Spring Floors absorb shock and rebound quickly.

Other details include:

  • 4 1/4” x 2” diameter Palmer coil steel springs designed to provide soft compression and maximum lift
  • Molded plastic retainer caps on each spring end helps disperse landing impact and protect gym floors
  • Twenty-five springs are evenly positioned on each 5’ x 5’ floor panel
  • 40' x 40' floor has sixty-four 5' x 5' panels
  • 42' x 42' floor has sixty-four 5’ x 5’ panels, plus sixteen 2’ x 5’ panels and one 2’ x 2’ corner panel. 42’ x 42’ floor bottom requires no foam perimeter when used with the standard 7 roll carpet bonded foam floor top.
  • Carpet Bonded Foam, Foam Perimeter, and Corner Safety Mats sold separately

Available Sizes

Spring Floor 40' X 40' Sprung Deck As an added convenience we install all of the springs for you. Just lie the floor in place and you are ready to tumble. 64 Panels
Price: $11600
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Spring Floor 40' X 40' Un-sprung Floors are shipped with the springs unclipped from the plywood. This is done to save money for the customer by saving space when shipping. Not installing the springs also allows the customer to save money by installing the springs on site.
Price: $11140
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Spring Floor Section 5' X 5' "Sprung"
Price: $220
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Springs available individually for those wishing to build their own floors, supplying their own wood.
Price: $5
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Acro Spring Tumbling Strip Section 5'X5' comes with 6" Perimeter Foam
Price: $250
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Spring Floor 42' X 42' Sprung Deck
Price: $14390
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Spring Floor 42' X 42' Un-sprung.
Price: $13705
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