Tri-Flex® Cube Floor

The foam cube floor is available with our exclusive, 3" x 3" x 4" thick Tri-Flex® cubes. Three different foam densities provide extraordinary rebound and shock absorption.

  • Thirty-two cubes are evenly positioned on each 5' x 5' floor panel.
  • Sixty-four panels with a total of 2,048 cubes create a 40' x 40' floor surface.

Tumbling Strip Section
5' x 5' Floor section complete with cubes attached, top layer plywood and 1' foam perimeter.

Order sections by length desired. (Example 12 sections = 60', 10 sections = 50'.)

Carpeted foam roll ordered separately.

Available Sizes

Cube Tumbling Strip Section 5' X 5' with perimeter for 6' width
Price: $200
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Tri-Flex Cube Available individually for those wishing to build their own floors, supplying their own wood. Price per cube.
Price: $5
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Tri-Flex Cube Floor 40' x 40'. Deck only.
Price: $11000
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5' x 5' Cube spring tumbling strip section with 6" foam border
Price: $245
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