Perimeters/Borders/Floor Skirts

Perimeters, Borders and Floor Skirts.

Available Sizes

Foam Perimeter
This Perimeter provides a finished floor size of 42'x42'.Twenty pieces, 4 3/4" thick x 1' wide x 98" long are supplied with vinyl and velcro straps.
Price: $1605
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Foam Perimeter - 8' Section
Price: $80
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Corner Safety Mats
For even greater perimeter protection, our Corner Safety Border extends the perimeter area on each corner of the floor. Four pieces 2’ x 4’ and four pieces 2’ x 6’ with 4” hook flaps that attach securely to carpet surface. Corner mats also reduce shifting of Carpet Bonded Foam.
Price: $1680
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42' Floor Skirt
Set of 4, Red
Price: $250
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Corner Safety Mats 3' x 6'
Meets regulations for USA Gymnastics
Price: $3820
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